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Vampire Facts

Famous Vampires

History would call him the Acid Bath vampire. Read his story.

Folk Lore and Fiction

or, How To Prevent Your Loved Ones From Rising Up -- taking a look at the mythology of vampire prevention.

A look into the beasties that fly in the night and transform, as if by magic, into the vampires we all know and love.

takes a look at the vampiric timeline.

Fascinated by Van Helsing? Do you have an urge to creep into graveyards at night and hunt down the devils of the night? Stop here first and find out what you'll need to take with you!

A beginner's essay on vampires in the past and present.

Vampire Physiology

Did you ever wonder how vampires really worked? What really makes vampires different from humans? Explore the vampire body in all its myth and wonder.

What different cultures call the vampire.

A fang-in-cheek look at vampires - and how to deal with it if you happen to find yourself living with one!

Why do we associate vampires with fangs, and why do we love them? by Catherine Krusberg


Known around the world as a Dracula expert, Elizabeth Miller lends us her views on Dracula and more!


  • Death and the Vampire
    Why does the vampire continue to fascinate us? You'd be surprised by what it might say about you!
  • Vampire Experts
    The experts speak on vampires: the enduring myth. An interesting look into the fact and fiction of vampires.
  • Dracula: Truth and Terror
    This software CD by Raymond McNally brings vampire research into the 21st century. A software review.
  • What Is A Vampire?
    Myth, fiction, film, and beyond... What defines a vampire? Find out here!

Real Vampires

Vampires in the News

  • Accused rapist doped kids with morphine
    An accused Cambridge rapist dressed up as a vampire and doped his homeless teenage victims with liquid morphine
  • Buffy identifies with the outsider role
    Sarah Michelle Gellar has a secret weapon: She could talk vampires to death.
  • Common Censor
    Okay, ''Buffy the Vampire Slayer'' fans, you can stop gnashing your teeth
  • Vampires and Porphyria
    A few years back, in your book More of the Straight Dope , you repeated the story that vampire legends might have been based on victims of the disease porphyria
  • Hollywood Vampires
    Vampire legends have been a part of folklore around the world. Many cultures have vampires, although some are far from the traditional Hollywood definition.
  • Jury gets case in Tyson Trial
    Lawyer Coy Brewer Jr. resurrected an old advertising slogan during closing arguments Thursday in Shanon Tyson’s murder trial: Where’s the beef?
  • Killer Fashions
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer is doing more these days than battling evil -- she's sinking her teeth into the fashion industry.
  • New Love for Angel
    Don't cry for Angel (David Boreanaz), the brooding loner vampire-with-a-heart-of-gold. After leaving his mortal love Buffy (and her TV series) behind, he's on to his own new show, new digs ( L.A.), and — a new love
  • The Gothic Revival
    These are dark days for goths, what with the recent horrors of Littleton and the subsequent blame by association that trails those who traffic in what author Richard Davenport-Hines calls "dark powers, the lust for domination and inveterate cruelty.



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